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Your Driving Test

Think carefully before you take your driving test!

The driving test is your opportunity to show that you can drive safely and confidently on a variety of different roads. There is no substitute for plenty of practice. If you're properly prepared the test is your final hurdle. You'll need to pass your theory test before you can book your driving test. You can book your driving test by post, on the internet at www.gov.uk or take the application to your local Driving Test Centre.

  • Test lasts for about 40 minutes
  • You'll be asked to carry out an eyesight test. You must be able to read a number plate at 20.5metres
  • You'll be asked to follow the road ahead and obey all signs and signals that you see. The examiner will give you directions in plenty of time. Again, in the same way as your ADI did
  • You'll be asked to carry out two of the reversing manouevres you've learnt, and you will be asked to carry out an emergency stop and a hill start as well
  • If your test centre has parking facilities allocated to candidates you may be asked to demonstrate reversing in to a parking bay. If you carry this out you'll only have one more reversing manouevre to complete
  • You can have someone accompany you on your test but they must not advise or guide you. You can have your ADI accompany you if you wish. Your passenger must where a set belt, if one is fitted and must be at least 16
  • You can bring an interpreter with you if required, but they must only interpret the directions or instructions given by the examiner.
  • Your examiner may be accompanied by a senior examiner, the senior examiner is not watching your driving but assessing the skill of your examiner.
  • Whilst you are driving your examiner will record any mistakes that you may make. Some are classed as minor faults and these on their own do not necessarily result in failure. However, you are only allowed to make a number of minor faults (currently 16) if you exceed this number you will have failed even though you may not have committed a serious or dangerous fault. A serious or dangerous fault will cause you to fail even if you have less than 16 minor faults
  • But stay calm, if you realise you've made a mistake carry on and concentrate on your driving. You haven't necessarily failed!
  • The examiner will offer you a verbal explanation at the end of the test if you've failed, your ADI may listen in on the debrief.
  • You may end the test yourself at any time. The examiner may also end the test at any time. In either situation you've failed your test
  • If you've passed you'll be told at the end of the test, the examiner may offer a few words of advice about your driving. You'll be given a pass certificate which is your passport to a full licence

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