Thanks for giving me a great start to my driving. You have the patience of a saint!!
I won,t give up. I'll carry on in Harrogate.
Thanks alot. Keep up the good work
Thank you so much, after having been with a few other instructors and making slow progress, i was about to give up when a friend reccomended you. After the first lesson with you I felt so much better. You seemed to explain everything so clearly, making it all seem easy. Thanks to you i passed my test. Brilliant!!! Can't believe it.
Thanks again Toni
Thankyou for teaching me to drive ... Im still scared! (but having fun)
yours Monique
Thanks for all your help. After failing my test miserably, with another instructor, and being totally demoralized, you were recommended by a friend. You made so much differance. Even from the first lesson with you I learned so much more, and things seemed so much easier. Now I have passed.
Thankyou Rab.
Thank you for all your help and patience, you sure needed paitience with me.
I really apprectiate it
Thanks again Michelle
Thanks for all your help with teaching me to drive, wheather pass or fail its been fun!!!
" To a driver from a driver"
Thanks for all you have done for me. If it was't for you I wouldn't have got this far, much appreciated!

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