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Safe Drive-Time Driver Training

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Loose that L Plate

Hourly Training

Intensive Training

These lessons will suit you if:

  • You have never driven before
  • You want to learn at a relaxed pace
  • You don't want the pressure of an intensive course
  • You can't allocate the time because of work or college
  • You've got a fixed budget

L PlateHourly lessons need not be just one lesson a week, if you have the time you can learn at a quicker pace by taking extra hourly lessons each week. You might find that taking a two hour lesson each time suits you; in this way you can increase the learning pace but still not feel pressured, then if you find some aspects of learning to drive difficult you'll have time to relax and practice. You'll also have plenty of time to study for the theory test.

If you wish to give someone a driving lesson as a present, Gift Vouchers are available.

This course is deal for you if:

  • You've taken a test before
  • You already have some driving experience
  • You have sufficient time available, you'll need to set aside a set number of hours for tuition
  • You need a license quickly, as a condition of your employment
  • You can learn under pressure
  • You have sufficient funds, the entire course including the driving test fee is paid in advance

L PlateIntensive courses aren't easy and for many new drivers it often ends in tears. You'll have to pass your theory test before you begin your intensive course and the driving test will be booked for you before you start your lessons.


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